#30thAnniversary – Fugees “Blunted on Reality”

“Blunted on Reality” is the debut album by Pras, Wyclef Jean & Lauryn Hill aka the Fugees, released in 1994 on Ruffhouse Records. The LP was recorded in 1992, but was delayed because of a dispute with the label, so by the time it came out, most of the production felt a little bit dated. But even if this project is a couple of light years away from the quality of the classic follow up “The Score“, tracks like the singles “Nappy Heads ” and “Vocab” demonstrate the bands ability to mix catchy hooks with thoughtful, socially conscious lyrics. For both tracks, two legitimate classics in their discography, the Fugees used the fresh remixed versions for the videos, incorporating a sound closer to what was coming up from the trio.

Knowing how big they became as a group but also as solo acts, “Blunted on Reality” might not be an incredible project, but it remains an important part of the Fugees’ legacy that every fan should acknowledge.

You can listen to the album, catch the videos, remixes, live performances and interviews in a playlist below, and also dig in the samples on www.whosampled.com.

Album on YouTube:

Listen on Spotify & Apple Music.

Videos, Remixes, Live Performances & Interviews:

  • Boof Baf
  • Nappy Heads (Remix)
  • Vocab (Refugees Hip Hop Remix)
  • Boof Baf (Refugee Doodle Remix)
  • Boof Baf (Butcher Mix)
  • Vocab (Refugees Acoustic Remix)
  • Vocab (Vibey Remix)
  • Refugees On The Mic (Remix)
  • Nappy Heads (Mad Spider Mix)

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