#30thAnniversary – Da Lench Mob “Guerillas in tha Mist”

At this point in 1992, Ice Cube’s NWA days were behind him and he already had two solo albums under his belt, the latest being the excellent “Death Certificate”, released at the end of 1991. But now, he was ready to share the spotlight and bring to the forefront his crew, “Da Lench Mob” on his own label “Street Knowledge”. Other than appearing on five tracks on the LP, he also produced the whole thing, giving it a funky yet menacing vibe all the way through. On the mic, J-Dee, Shorty, and T-Bone pretty much follow the template already set by Cube, with militant and radical lyrics thrown in your face to make people react. Although it might not be on the same level as Cube’s best solo releases or the first NWA album, it is still an unavoidable LP for every west coast Hip Hop fanatic.

Full album on YouTube:

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  • Guerillas In Tha Mist
  • Freedom Got An A.K.
  • Ain’t Got No Class


  • Freedom Got an A.K. (Remix)
  • Ain’t Got No Class (T-Bone’s Remix)
  • Ain’t Got No Class (Night Stawka Remix)
  • Ain’t Got No Class (The Beatnuts Remix)


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