#30Anniversary – Cypress Hill “Cypress Hill”

The trio composed of B-Real, Sen Dog and DJ Muggs really changed the game when they released their first album back in 1991, the eponymous “Cypress Hill”. They find a way to have a monster smash album (2x platinum) while keeping a hardcore sound as much with the lyrics than on the beat tip. The dusty sample heavy production style of DJ Muggs combined with the unique nasal sounding flow of B-Real really created a special combo that propelled them on top of the charts. Classics like “How I Could Just Kill a Man” or “Hand On The Pump” stand the test of time and still sound fresh 30 years later. It might be because of their love of marijuana, exposed across the album, and/or the aggressive energy in the music, but they wind-up crossing over to the punk-rock scene which helped them gain a bigger audience.

Experience the genius behind this masterpiece once again by listening to the album below, but also watch all the videos, listen to every remix and discover dope interviews and live performances dating back from the era when the album was released. Enjoy!

Full album on YouTube:

Stream on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer & Tidal.

Playlist with the videos:

  • How I Could Just Kill a Man
  • Hand On The Pump
  • The Phuncky Feel One
  • Stoned Is The Way Of The Walk
  • Latin Lingo

Remixes & B-Side:

  • How I Could Just Kill A Man (Blunted Remix)
  • The Phuncky Feel One (Extended Version)
  • Hand On The Pump (Muggs’ Blunted Mix)
  • Hand On The Pump (Extended Mix)
  • Hand On The Glock
  • Latin Lingo (Prince Paul Mix)
  • Stoned Is The Way Of The Walk (Reprise)

Interviews & Live Performances:

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