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Third Root X DJ Chicken George – Mind Elevation


Third Root is a Hip-Hop project that consists of Charles Peters (Easy Lee of MoJoe) & Marco Cervantes (Mexican StepGrandfather). Peters is an accomplished poet/author/MC, and Cervantes is a producer/MC/Ph.D. professor in Mexican American Studies at the University of Texas at San Antonio. They joined forces to craft “Stand For Something”, an album that focuses on the history and healing of black and brown communities.

In high school, DJCG and Marco were in a hip-hop group (Wasted Youth) with CG’s brother Jerry and best friend Charles. Fast forward two decades, DJCG reunites with his lifelong friend Mexican StepGrandfather and Easy Lee to present Third Root’s newest collaboration, Third Root X DJ Chicken George – Mind Elevation and also announce CG’s inclusion as Third Root’s deejay.

We hope our message resonates with you. Prepare to elevate your mind.

Visit Third Root:

DOWNLOAD Third Root X DJ Chicken George – Mind Elevation


1. Reinvention
2. iamTashaJones
3. Winter In America
4. Highway 77
5. So Beautiful
6. The Reason
7. Fathers of a New Cool
8. Cool It Down
9. Cold Train
10. Evolve
11. Vendidos
12. Scholar MCs feat. Bavu Blakes
13. Third Root Medley
14. History

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