The Deeper the Bass, The Closer to God

This mix is dedicated to upcoming Subatomic Sound System DJ sets by Emch for Deep Space at Cielo Sunday 5/22 NYC (joined by Screechy Dan on the mic) and for Infrasound Festival in Wisconsin 6/4 & 6/5: “If you don’t know your past, you don’t know your future. After coming off a run of tour dates with pioneering dub producer Lee Perry performing his Super Ape album dozens of times in celebration of its 40th anniversary, I wanted to dive deep into a set of bass heavy, rhythm driven music, inspired by the blueprint of classic Jamaican dub but not necessarily identifiable as reggae, just one simple rule: bass and drums up front and not so many vocals. Many people might not realize this music has its roots in reggae and sound system culture: whether it’s called bass music, electronic music, dubstep, dancehall, jungle, hip hop, or doesn’t even have a genre name, it’s all about the pulse and the vibration first and foremost, a return to the source. The deeper the bass, the closer to God.”

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