Like that OTHER composer with a similar name (but without the syphillis), Mosart212 (aka Maria Jos’Butter, aka Boston Blackie) is a prolific creator of bad-ass funky symphonies for the post-modern era. While he’s a DJ’s DJ, he’s also so much more: composer, rabblerouser, crate-digger, beatsmith, Baseball Fury, teacher, curator, writer, bargain-hunter, philosopher, boogaloo shrimp, hep cat, and all-around artiste. Symphony Sessions is a weekly foray into the mind of Mr. Mosart212. One week you might get a downtempo pastiche of blunted sounds and lonesome beats, the next you might hear a set full of early proto-house and handclapping, footstomping nu-disco and boogie music. Mosart212 will go there. Anywhere. And he’ll keep you front and center, tapping on that music stand and waving his conductor’s baton and his wild-ass hair (serious, eff a comb) leading you through his Symphony Sessions!

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