Recycled Funk Episode 29 (Summertime Vol. 2)

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For good reasons I wasn’t sure what to expect for the summer of 2021 but I can say it’s been enjoyable so far. A slow return to the social life we’ve all been accustomed to. Hopefully the same is true for you wherever you are in this world. That aside, I’m happy to share with you “Summertime” part 2. A collection of incredible songs that all share one common thread, the word summer or summertime in the title. As we all know, summer is more than a word, more than a season, it’s a vibe…a feeling…and I wanted to express & share that energy with this 2 part series, and do it in a way that I can’t say I’ve seen done before in a mix. So I hope you enjoy this mix, especially lounging at the beach or a nice pool (with your headphones bumpin’) or anywhere for that matter! Relaxed vibes to get your mind right!

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1. Quincy Jones – Summer In The City
2. The Dramatics – Hot Pants In The Summertime
3. Sam Cooke – Summertime
4. Snoop Dog – Summertime
5. Ne-Yo – Summertime
6. Mos Dub – Summertime Running
7. Dennis Brown – Summer Time Again
8. Big Bang – Summer Fields
9. Frank Sinatra – Summer Wind
10. Art Blakey Quartet – Summertime
11. Jimi Hendrix – Long Hot Summer Night
12. Al Green – Feels Like Summer
13. Carl Thomas – Summer Rain
14. Flamingosis – Summer Solstice
15. Claap!, Santana – Summertime
16. The Carters – Summer
17. George Benson – Theme From The Summer of ’42 (snippet)
18. The Blue Velvets – Summertime
19. Mark Ronson – Summer Breaking
20. B. Bravo – Summer Love (Ride The Wave)
21. DJ Oli Garch – Summertime
22. Lou Donaldson – Summertime
23. Miles Davis – Summertime
24. Bebel Gilberto – So Nice (Summer Samba)
25. Candido – Long Long Summer

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