#PickOfTheWeek – OXP (Onra & Pomrad) “Swing Convention”

Available on NBN Records now!

Buy the Vinyl, CD and cassette on Bandcamp. Stream on Spotify and Apple Music.

Via Bandcamp – Onra, music producer from France and Pomrad, composer and multi-instrumentalist from Belgium come together as OXP for their first full-length – Swing Convention – on NBN records.

The collaborative effort features a diverse collection of vocalists and MC’s, from newcomers – and NBN family – Devin Morrison and Ace Hashimoto to 90’s stalwarts Domino & Horace Brown, former Onra collaborators T3 & Reggie B, East Coast legends Grand Puba and Pudgee The Phat Bastard, NY singers Maiya Blaney and Natalie Olivieri, Jamaican vocalist Ready Meahdy and French R&B queen K-Reen, all appearing on this smash debut!

Hailing from different backgrounds, the pair share similar musical influences, starting with a love of Hip-Hop and R&B to a wide range of anything Jazz or Funk & more. After collaborating on Onra’s 2018 Nobody Has To Know album, they discussed the idea of working together in the studio by combining Onra’s production skills with Pomrad’s composition talent.

The idea of making classics with a contemporary sound has been conceptualized around the vintage synths and drum machines that marked the Golden Era of 90’s Hip-Hop, R&B and G-Funk, using strictly analog gear to produce the album.

With the help of an All-Star cast, Onra X Pomrad aim to deliver a groovy mix of old school flavors with a fresh sound, something for both new and old generations.

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