JYLDA – The Body

We love movies. We love moody soundtracks. And we also love music that makes us feel like we’re at the cinema. Whether it’s early Portishead or Biggie at his prime, we get off on seeing things inside our mind’s eye, when we put on our headphones and turn it up lovely. When we received JYLDA’s latest offering, her new single entitled “The Body”, we were hooked from first bar. This song really sounds like it’s been lifted from a great movie. It’s heavily charged emotionally and feels grand, as if it was made for the big screen and a nice surround system.

JYLDA is based in Berlin. She writes, sings, plays everything on her songs and produces everything from beginning to end – in a way, she’s a little Motown operation all rolled up into one person. Here is an extract of a short conversation that we had with the lady in question. BTW – we can’t wait to hear the whole record!

Are you a film buff?
I wouldn’t call myself that. I love movies a lot though.

The reason that I asked is that your latest single feels both like it could have been lifted from a movie and that it is like a powerful scene from a flick. Were you aware of this when you were recording it?
I had a specific situation and pictures in my head when I wrote it. Good to know that that comes across!

Do you draw a lot of inspiration from movies when you compose or write lyrics?
In general I like making up stories of my own or reflect on something that I experienced or a subject I want to talk about. But I grew up with my dad’s Italian movie and music collection from the 50s and 60s and sometimes I feel like it has a big influence on my songs and the world I imagine them in.

What’s your writing ritual? If you have one, of course..
I’m collecting ideas for lines and melodies everyday, basically everywhere I go…Back in the studio or at home I structure all my notes. But I think it’s important not to have one and the same ritual for every song. Sometimes I start writing a track with a beat, sometimes I write a song on the piano, beginning with harmonies, other times I just have a melody in my head and go from there. It’s always good to try different approaches.

And no pressure, but are you writing a full record?
Yes, I am…I’ve been writing a lot and I’m working on my debut right now.

Why JYLDA and not your birth name?
I like having an alias that reflects the music I make and I feel like Jylda comes closer to that…

Is it important to separate life from art?
I don’t believe that it’s possible to separate it completely. But I do think it’s important not to get caught up in the stories you want to create. Amy Winehouse used to say that she could only write songs about things that happened to her. There’s a danger to that because it could mean that you have to experience lots of crazy, extreme things in order to write crazy, extreme songs. That’s why I also like creating my own world in my art. Besides, in the past months life has been pretty tough at times and nothing has helped me more than writing music about it.

So what’s next for JYLDA?
Apart from working on the album, I’m playing some shows in the next weeks: On the 20th in Brighton during the Great Escape and the day after in London at the George Tavern. It’s going to be my second headline concert in London. I’m excited. Then I’ll play in Berlin again on the 1st of June.

For our UK heads: She will play in Brighton at an Alternative Escape Showcase on the 20th and she will have a headline show in London (support: Kate Lomas) on the 21st!

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