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“JD and I recorded this tape at the height of the Houston rap invasion (2004/2005), when the biggest songs on the radio all over the US were Slim Thug, Paul Wall, Mike Jones and Chamillionaire. We looked back at the history of Houston rap (and a little Port Arthur), digging into JD’s deep crates and selecting the absolute best jams. Matt Sonzala and Roxy Cottontail hosted a big Houston rap show during CMJ that year, where we got access to a bunch of the rappers for drops. RIP H.A.W.K.”

Read what else Ayres has to say about the passing of JD here.

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1.Geto Boys – ‘Balls And My Word’ (1988)
2.Scarface & Devin the Dude – ‘Southside: Houston, Texas’ (1998)
3.UGK – ‘Front, Back and Side to Side’ (1995)
4.Big Mike – ‘Playa Playa’ (1994)
5.Scarface – ‘Money and the Power’ (1991)
6.Slim Thug & Chamillionaire – ‘Still Tippin’ (2003)
7.Z-Ro, Paul Wall & Lil Flip – ‘From the South’ (2005)
8.Lil Keke – ‘Southside’ (1998)
9.DJ DMD & Fat Pat – ’25 Lighters’ (1998)
10.Paul Wall & Chamillionaire – ‘The Other Day’ (2002)
11.Wreckshop Family – ‘Power Up’ (2001)
12.UGK – ‘Murder’ (1996)
13.Fat Pat – ‘Tops Drop’ (1998)
14.E.S.G. & Slim Thug – ‘Getchya Hands Up’ (2001)
15.Lil O – ‘Back Back’ (2000)
16.Tela & Devin the Dude – ‘Drugs’ (2000)
17.Raheem – ‘5th Ward’ (1992)
18.Odd Squad – ‘Fa Sho’ (1994)
19.Scarface, Too $hort & Devin the Dude – ‘Fuck Faces’ (1998)
20.Hawk (Screwed Up Click) – ‘U Already Know’ (2003)
21.Z-Ro, Juvenile & Devin The Dude – ‘The Mule’ (2005)
22.Slim Thug & Young Jeezy – ‘Diamonds (Mannie Fresh Remix)’ (2005)
23.UGK – ‘Diamonds and Wood’ (1996)
24.DJ DMD ft Al B & DJ Screw – ‘So Real’ (1997)
25.DJ Screw & Lil Keke – ‘Pimp The Pen’ (2001)
26.Paul Wall & Chamillionaire – ‘N Love Wit My Money’ (2002)
27.Bun B (of UGK) & Mddl Fngz – ‘4 In The Morning’ (2001)

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