HJ7 Blends #85 – Orion Anakaris

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HJ7 Blends #85 features the latest Neo-Soul, R&B singles, and Hip Hop Beats curated by Orion. Artists featured on the latest show include: Billzegypt, Goya Gumbani, JSWISS, Onra, Rob Araujo, B. Cool-Aid, Alfa Mist, CARRTOONS, BeMyFiasco, Styles Davis + many more!

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Tall Black Guy – My Freedom Travel (Pharaoh’s Spirit) [feat. BeMyFiasco, Ozay Moore & Kyotey Grey] Goya Gumbani – Trials
B. Cool-Aid – Cnt Go Back ( Tell Me ) (feat. Liv.e, Butcher Brown, Jimetta Rose, V.C.R & Maurice II)
Kenyon Dixon – Dream of Me
DJ Dacel & JSWISS – Give It A Go
YOH & CARRTOONS – Indigo (feat. Adia) [Potatohead People Remix] Kenyon Dixon – Getting Late
Reuben Vincent – Look What You Did (feat. Sonny Miles)
CUBE – Best Feature (Feat. Devin Morrison)
Rob Araujo – Friktion
Ill Al Skratch – Dr. Feelgood (Evil Needle & Styles Davis Remix)
Onra – 1-4-TONI
mike – ipari park
Alfa Mist – 4th Feb (Stay Awake)
Flwr Chyld – Worth It
Vooo – The Great Beyond
whereisalex – oldhead
KAMEO – Look of Luv, Pt. 2 (prod. spvced)
Kevin Ross – Overthinking
Yaahn Hunter Jr – 70’s Chill Vibes
Billzegypt – Red Garden
B. Cool-Aid – Wassup (feat. Devin Morrison, Pher & MoRuf)
Reon Vangèr – complexions (ya like it)
stevedoesmusic – What Life Really, Truly Is

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