#HeavyRotation – The Pro-Teens “Peachfuzz / One Beer”

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Via Bandcamp – Most parents raise their kids listening to Mozart, The Beatles, or Englebert Humperdinck, to give their children’s creative spirit a head start in life. But The Pro-Teens were raised on one specific artist and the music that inspired them: MF DOOM.

Whether it was a Galt McDermott break, a JJ Fad “Super” sample, or a Sade piano loop, these were the musical fibres that were woven into the professional teen’s DNA, and set the tone for who they would become.

This 7″ pays homage to two crucial cuts from DOOM’s deep catalogue: Peachfuzz, an early triumph from the days before Daniel Dumile donned the mask and called himself MF DOOM, from KMD’s first album Mr Hood, and One Beer, a standout track from the MM..FOOD album.

The forthcoming tribute album ‘MF TEEN: Your Concurrence In The Above Is Assumed’ is nothing more than an aural open letter posthumously thanking the one and only super villain for guiding The Teens down the only road they know. RIP DOOM, RIP Daniel Dumile. Thank you.

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