DJ Green Lantern Invades NYC

The Trifecta Tour took off at Webster Hall in NYC this past Friday, August 22, with DJ Green Lantern, DJ Sliink, and Twrk in tow.  Green is best known as a hip-hop producer, but on Friday, he showed the crowd that he’s definitely not a one-trick pony. Brooklyn Radio’s Lara Gamble spoke with The Evil Genius before his set to learn more about his plan for the night and what styles he’s been playing with recently.

BR: How did the Trifecta Tour come together?

GL: First, I want to say bigup to Brooklyn since this is Brooklyn Radio. Shout to Brooklyn. The Trifecta Tour came about when Sliink and Twrk – Benzi and Esentrik – those are a couple homies, and we were just making some music and some mutual friends of ours said, “You guys have got some free time. Why don’t you put together a little package and go out?” So, all the stars aligned, and here we are.

BR: How was it decided that it would be you guys?

GL: Well, we know each other. We have peer respect, and I definitely respect what all three of those guys do musically. It’s just mutual friends, mutual people that we work with put it together, and they were like, “Hey, what do you think about that?” And I was all, “Hell yeah.”

BR: What made you choose New York as the jump off point for this tour?

GL: Ah, man. I wish I could say I had anything to do with it. I just have to be honest and say when they sent the tour routing, this is the first date that was there. And I wish I could have a cool, romantically musical answer for it, but yeah, this is just what it was. But I’ve worked with this promoter before, Girls & Boys, and they’re super dope and on top of their stuff, and professional and whatnot. So, I think I can just assume real quick for a couple of seconds that they at some point said, “Okay, well let’s do it here with these guys because we have history with them and it works.”

BR: I know you grew up in Rochester. Are you living in New York City now?

GL: No. You know, I bounce all over. So, from Rochester, I moved here, then I moved to Phoenix real quick, and then I went to Atlanta then to L.A. And now, I’m back in Phoenix. It’s really peaceful out there. The family loves it out there. The wife is probably going to go back for her doctorate out there. It’s great living.

BR: What can fans expect from tonight’s set?

GL: A lot of energy. I just love to put out a lot of energy. Some new music that I’ve been working on and testing it, like “Where do I put it in the set? Where does it fit with other things?” You know, just a good ol’ time.

BR: Nice. What are your top three tracks at the moment to throw in your set?

GL: Wow. I love this Milo & Otis remix to Skrillex’s “Recess.” That’s one of my favourites. I love playing ASAP Ferg “Work,” the remix. I’m really loving this new song that I’ve been testing. It’s one of my songs, which actually just came out today. It’s called “Funk Space Coaster”, which is like ahybrid funk/soul/trap record, and it’s been going over well, so I really enjoy playing that.


BR: Where did your alias “The Evil Genius” come from?

GL: Oh, man. Just really from putting stuff together, putting words together and having continuity in the music. And it was just a nickname. People were all, “Wow, that’s crazy what you did. You’re like an evil genius!” And I was like, “Oh, okay. It’s cool.” But now, I just try to just be Green. Or if you know me, James.

BR: Outside of New York City, where is your favourite place to play live?

GL: I love Germany, Switzerland, and Australia. They are very excited in those three places, and I love that.

BR: You’ve worked with artists like Nas and Eminem. What’s your most memorable collaboration?

GL: Most memorable I have to say was the Nas “Black President” song that I produced, and it went on his untitled album, which came out right before Barack took office. It actually came out right before election time. I feel like it galvanized some people, and I feel like it was something that I could be proud of to a certain extent. It ignited a little bit of fire under some people to get out and vote. And I’m really proud of that.

BR: What other styles, other than hip-hop, do you like to play with?

GL: Everything really. Everything from hip-hop to trap, twerk, funk, soul, reggae, moomba, house, big room, deep, which to me is just like original house music. It’s like the real house music that first came out. Take it back. Really everything.

BR: Would we find all that in one set?

GL: Some of it. I mean, yes. You’ll find all of that. Yeah, you will.

BR: Is there anything else you’d like to share or promote?

GL: Aside from shout to Brooklyn because this is Brooklyn Radio? No, just go to my SoundCloud/DJGreenLantern and check out the tunes, listen out for the new music, and I think that’s going to be it.

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