GiKu presents Le Cinematique Xperience


Cinematique Xperience is a tasty artistic/theatrical piece designed to expand the rules of sound, creating an emotional and visual dimension that appeal to all your senses. Step into the world of sound, as you would a movie. Almost every track was re-experienced to give you a unique and exclusive sonic experience like no other.

Re-Experienced tracks are remixed songs by GiKu.
Nabakufunk Mix’s includes original production by GiKu.

Includes sounds recorded by GiKu in around NYC and an exclusive personal work composition Chaos. Chaos was the first track I ever produced, but put to the side because of its personal nature and because I knew no one would ever understand the story its telling, but if one closes their eyes while listening… the meaning will unfold with a relaxed mind.

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Act 1: Journey To The Theater
The GKERS Intro
Piano Sonato 14 (Re-Experienced w/Airto – O Galho Da Roseira) – Beethoven
Act 2: No Fear
Fear (Re-Experienced) – Sade
Meet Me At The Station – Imani Uzuri
Act 3: I Dont Want To Kill You, No What The Heck
Casa Forte (1971) – Isabelle Aubret
Casa Forte (1971) (Re-Experienced Mix) – Isabelle Aubret
Act 4: Melt In Your Mouth
Mama Soul (Re-Experienced Mix) – Harold Alexander
Soul Makossa – Manu Dibango
Dman Foa – Yaaba funk
Could Heaven Ever Be Like This – Idris Muhammad
Act 5: The Marina
Funeral Of Queen Mary (Re-Experienced w/ Quest Love – Ludwiggy) – Purcell
Twice (Nabakufunk Mix by GiKu) – Little Dragon
Act 6: Can You Dig It
Yes Come On (Re-Experienced w/Lykke Li) – Dj Jesus
Chaos – GiKu
Twisted Nerve – Bernard Herrmann
Spiritual Tibetan Singing Bowl Meditation
Fine! | The End

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