Chrysalis – A short film by Nick Rutter

Brainfeeder signee Lapalux worked closely with film director Nick Rutter to create the acclaimed music video for Nostalchic lead single Without You. Now they come together again but this time in reverse; the music for Chrysalis was written specially of the film, the footage shot to tell a gritty and disturbing story of teenage love unrequited.

Set in a small town in rural England, the scenes reflect misspent youth, something witnessed by both Rutter in his home town of Chippenham in Wiltshire, as well as Howard who grew up in rural Essex.

“I wanted to make something the observed the awkward discomfort of teenage life, an age group often unrepresented in film. It was an experimental film made in order to gain experience working with an age group in preparation for a longer project. It was great working with an artist like Lapalux as his music expresses complexities of emotion that I felt fit perfectly with our story and what ALEX the lead character was trying to convey”

And don’t forget!

Lapalux is playing Glasslands on October 5th!

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