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Brooklyn Props

Brooklyn Props – The Weekend Money Episode


This week the crew is joined by hip-hop group Weekend Money. Ne$$ and Bagdaddy represent the new Brooklyn, an eclectic blend of tradition and innovation. We get into their mutual love of electro and how that led to their first recording session (shouts to Prkr) at The Brickhouse as well as insight into how they create their “future-trap sound,” the meaning of “associative music” and the challenge of creating sample-free music, their adventures at SXSW and other music festivals, and their approach to distributing music.

We also talk about their music video process, their crazy promotion game and how they maximize their social media efforts. That plus flag pants, Japanese women in Timberlands, Hot Sugar, guns, Tallahassee time machines, Riff Raff vs. Ciara, and Fat Tony. These guys were awesome to talk to! You can reach them at Their new release, Freddie Merkury, is out now!

You should grab that, their first release Naked City and some fresh W$ gear to put some Brooklyn in your life.

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