Wake The Town


Wake The Town – Third World Hop

With this month's passing of Jamaican sax player Cedric 'Im' Brooks, we recall his legacy as not just another reggae musician, but a true ambassador of what he himself referred to as "third world" music.

Wake the Town – Discos Plasticos

Brooklyn can get snowed in during the winter, but the music never stops. There's some beautiful sounds for you to fall in love with this week.

Wake the Town – Sé Agradecido

Sé agradecido. Be thankful. That's what we Americans did this month (some of us New Yorkers just extra thankful to be alive) and with that being said, thank goodness for drums. I got beats from Brazil, Africa, Latin America, and the US this week.

Wake The Town – New Day

It's a new day here. New York City has weathered one of the worst hurricanes this generation has ever seen. While we're all still picking up the pieces, I've taken this time off to re-do the format for my show here on Brooklyn Radio.