Small Talk


Small Talk w/ Chances With Wolves

Kenan and Kray talk to Ayres about digging for records, Mayor Diblasio, surviving the arctic vortex, the Google Panther, bartending at The Rub, ball parties,working with troubled teens, Cusack Shakur, and Ayres plays a tryout DJ set for Chances With Wolves.

Small Talk w/ Stephen “ESPO” Powers & THE KID MERO

Ayres and MERO talk to ESPO about painting on walls, 5 Pointz, interviewing ODB and Onyx for On The Go Magazine, Pokemon pushups, the Euroclub, house music, The Art of Getting Over, garbage bag jackets, corrupt cops and much more.

Small Talk w/ Chromeo

Chromeo join DJ Ayres to talk about their new record, Hall & Oates, Drake, trying to get a job with Pen & Pixel, and play a game of Marry-Fuck-Kill.

Small Talk w/ Roofeeo and Jubilee

Holy shit it's been a long time but Small Talk is back! Roofeeo and Jubilee join DJ Ayres and talk about Mister Cee, playing on David Letterman, Jews vs Regular People, Mexican Hand Soccer, 9/11, and shout out Jay Fay in Ohio.

Small Talk w/ Jubilee and Levins

On Small Talk #13, DJ Ayres talks with Levins and Jubilee about writing a cookbook, hush puppies, Ratchet Mom, the station wallaby, DJ Screw, Wavy Davy B and the Trill Dad movement.

Small Talk w/ Anna Lunoe, Nina Las Vegas and Puja Patel

On this episode of Small Talk, DJ Ayres gabs it up with Anna Lunoe, Nina Las Vegas and Puja Patel on Australian radio, smuggling drugs, Disclosure, French Montana vs. Will I Am sampling house music, The-Dream and grabbing your balls.

Small Talk w/ Julian McCullough

Julian McCullough and Ayres talk shit about Philly, trick or treating, Seventh Day Adventists, working with Steven Colbert, two day hangovers and play "Is it Daft Punk?"