Flamingo FM w/ Speakerfoxxx

Jubilee brings another edition of her new Flamingo FM show, this time she has special guest Speakerfoxxx in the studio! DOWNLOAD Flamingo FM w/ Speakerfo...

DJ Jubilee – Flamingo FM

Jubilee is back from her hiatus. This set she recorded recently from the Red Bull Studios NYC where she hosts her new show Flamingo FM. Enjoy! DOWNLOAD F...

Fireworks – Nightrave

Jubilee is back with a little treat for all you ravers out there. She's Glasgow bound to kick off her tour and she'll play the Nightwave party on 21st February.

Fireworks – Olive T. Guestmix

Olive T. is a NY based DJ whom can be found out & about on the dance floor or playing a variety of sets while in the booth. This mix starts off with abstract techno for about 15 minutes then slides off into super chill summer vibe dance tracks and ends up in a heavier deeper groove...

Fireworks 53 – Jubilee for Diplo and Friends

Our girl Jubilee stepped up for Diplo & Friends alongside Benzi. She dropped some exclusive forthcoming Mixpak releases from Dubbel Dutch, Murlo & Famous Eno, as well as her own new material with Burt Fox. If you've missed the live broadcast and re-stream on Radio1, then here's your chance to catch her hour-long mix here.

Fireworks – Jubilee & Star Eyes “Locked”

Jubilee recently got together with her partner-in-crime Star Eyes and recorded this sick Grime Mix for Gotta Dance Dirty last week - if you've missed this, then here's your chance to listen.

Fireworks – Jubilee’s BBC Radio 1 Mix

Jubilee is back after a little break with a mix of hers that she recently did for B Traits on BBC Radio 1! Enjoy and prepare for more episodes of Fireworks in the next few weeks!