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Audio Texture

Audio Texture Radio Jan 20th

So loads of nice electronic bits and bobs in this weeks show kicking off with a killer tune from Virtual Boy from their forthcoming album on Alpha Pup due in February, should be a goodie if ‘Memory Of A Ghost’ is anything to go by. That was followed by some great soul music from Russia of all places, a country gaining a steady reputation for it’s electronic producers but the Valique track is straight out of the American soul handbook. Twit One then kept the vibe rolling with a cheeky little edit of Brazilian soul boy Tim Maia. As you’ve already heard Bonobo has commissioned some great remixes of his Black Sands album from last year and the Falty DL twist of ‘All In Forms’ we’re sure you’ll agree is another winner.

Mike Gao and Daisuke Tanabe are the latest producers to grace the Faces series of singles from Project Mooncircle and Gao in particular has excelled himself with a great side of deep musical beat excursions as ‘Futuristic Wife’ ably showcases. The Alchemist and Oh No go under the name of Gangrene and we’re loving the beats on their latest single ‘Vodka & Ayahuasca’ – pure pysched out beat making, shame the vocals couldn’t live up to the production. The nice boys at Donkey Pitch then, rather sweetly, provided the chopped and screwed soul of ‘Sweat Mode’ from Ghost Mutt for free! The show then got into some deep progressive jazz with another taster of the great sounding Portico Quartet album which is due very shortly but which still seems too long.

Things then went all dubbed up courtesy of Jah Guidi and Sanguebom an interesting little French outfit who we hope to hear more of before the ever fresh Juan Atkins provided some great electro vibes under his Model 500 guise. Xosar then provided some deep spooky house music before Boddhi Satva graced us with some deep ancestral soul, aided and abetted by Vikter Duplaix’s sweet vocals. Tim Toh then upped the intensity with the percussive monster ‘Pandemonium’ from his latest sterling effort on Philpot before Raffertie showed his maturing, more spacious, sound with the ‘Mass Appeal’ title track from his excellent forthcoming EP for the Ninja boys.


Virtual Boy – Memory Of A Ghost (Alpha Pup promo)
Valique – I’m Here feat Vadim Kapustin (Infracom promo)
Tim Maia – Do Bem, Twit One Edit (White)
Bonobo – All In Forms, Falty DL remix (Ninja Tune promo)
Mike Gao – Futuristic Wife (Project Mooncircle promo)
Gangrene – Vodka & Ayahuasca, instrumental (Decon)
Ghost Mutt – Sweat Mode (Donkey Pitch freeload)
Portico Quartet – Spinner (Real World promo)
Jah Guidi/Sanguebom – Samurai Dub (Do Not Cross)
Model 500 – The Messenger (R&S promo)
Xosar – Rainy Day Juno Jam (Rush Hour promo)
Boddhi Satva – From An Other World feat Vikter Duplaix (BBE promo)
Tim Toh – Pandemonium (Philpot)
Raffertie – Mass Appeal (Ninja Tune promo)

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