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Audio Texture

Audio Texture – July 8, 2013


All over the shop this week kicking off with East of England based Hoofus and a taste of his peculiar musical madness closely followed by Jameszoo and his chopped, twisted and then retwisted blend of jazz and MPC prowess. Myron & E then provided the traditional soul vibes from their great new album on Stonesthrow before Cavern of Anti-Matter laid down the soundtrack to dystopian future, some would say present. Dirg Gerner then treated us to some of his distinctive vocal beat arrangements to announce the release of his new EP on Eglo and what should be the start of a healthy career.

Blind Prophet & Hirshi are just about to drop a nice new EP full of forward thinking sun drenched jazz vibes which is well worth tracking down and it must be said Ikonika has a fair amount of good time vibes on her forthcoming lp on Hyperdub even if it is occasionally diluted with some darker numbers. Then came the first from the excellent new Young Fathers album on Anticon which is announcing, in fine style, these childhood friends’ musical intentions to the world. They have a healthy knack for taking the best parts of many genres and combinging them in distinctive new ways, make sure you check them. They also nicely paved the way for the commercial electronic soul intentions of Troumaca, the West Midlands have rarely sounded so good. Just for good measure Atmosphere then popped up but dropped down the tempo with some nice pysche rock inspired hip hop beats.

Twisting things further Suns of Arqa, courtesy of a nasty Muslimgauze remix, brought the show into a darker, dubbier Middle Eastern place before Lewis Badwan announced his musical intentions with the help of Nightshade a little known B-side cut from his new material before Young Fathers came back with the excellent “I Heard”, just in case you were in any doubt of their quality credentials. A little house vibe then permeated the end of the show kicking off with Secret Circuit’s rerub of Linda Mirada before the killer Philipp Stoya remix of Madcap led into the show finale Rumpistol and John LaMonica’s great “It’s Everywhere” which is now (just about) available on their new imprint Rump recordings, one to keep an eye on for sure.

Hoofus – Disorder (Exotic Pylon)
Jameszoo – Poek (Rwina)
Myron & E – Broadway (Stonesthrow)
Cavern of Anti-Matter – Irradiated Dream Mouth (Grautag promo)
Dirg Gerner – What A Life (Eglo)
Blind Prophet & Hirshi – Sunset (South Fork Sound promo)
Ikonika – Mr Cake (Hyperdub promo)
Young Fathers – Freefalling (Anticon)
Troumaca – Layou (Brownswood promo)
Atmosphere – Bob Seger, Instrumental (Rhymesayers promo)
Suns of Arqa – Zorasta, Muslimgauze remix (Emotional Rescue)
Lewis Badwan – Nightshade (Studio Rockers promo)
Young Fathers – I Heard (Anticon)
Linda Mirada – Aire, Secret Circuit’s Gone Tropic remix (Lovemonk)
Madpac – Angry Nerds, Philipp Stoya rmx (Compost Black promo)
Rumpistol & John LaMonica – It’s Everywhere (Rump Recordings)

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