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Audio Texture

Audio Texture – April 1 2013


New classical vibes kicked off this weeks show starting off with a taste of the Buddha Machine inventor’s new album Fistful of Buddha and then ably followed by a track from the live recordings of Jaga Jazzist’s concert with the Britten Sinfonia. Springintgut then provided another cultured tune from their fantastic and highly recommended, Where We Need No Map, album which is about to drop on the consistently great Pingipung label. The Herbertesque vibes of Jonatan Backelie then seemed like the sensible follow up and is a deep electronic grower.

Now Hot Casa are always worth checking for all things Afro, Latin, Soul and Funky and we are very taken by the reissue of the long lost Itadi Bonney album they are about to enrich the world with. This was followed by our favourite tune from the new Setenta album on the same label. We’ve managed to sink into the new Bilal album recently and it’s leftfield soul charm is growing and growing and “Right At The Core” is another corker. MC Melodee and Cookin Soul then laid down the more traditionally rooted Hip Hop of “Think Twice” which should give you an idea of the “back in the day” vibes of this dutch MC. Dexter then kept the hip hop sensibility but added some vintage hippy folk vibes to them for a pleasant twist.

Now we rarely listen to whole albums repeatedly due to time constraints but after the Lapalux album made it to the headphones last week we had to drop the “You and I” track into the show to remind you what a talent this Essex boy is. Sepalcure then led a more uptempo charge with the future soul of “Make You” which has grown on us since the first cursory listen to the promo and which led very nicely into the Afro bassliine vibes of the LV and Mighty Zulu Nation soundclash which will be the flipside (and complete a killer package) of the new King L Man 12″ when that drops sometime soon. Soul vibes quickly followed from Lady, now revealed as the new project from Terri Walker and Nicole Wray and boding very well for the album coming on Truth and Soul. A disco classic courtesy of the M+M remix of the Jones Girls then finished off the show very nicely – lookout for that on BBE – the disco dons, very soon.


Christiaan Virant – Do Better (CVMK promo)
Jaga Jazzist live with Britten Sinfonia – For All You Happy People (Ninja Tune promo)
Springintgut – Where We Need No Map (Pingipung promo)
Jonatan Backelie – Step To The Bottom (Atjazz)
Itadi Bonney – Peace and Freedom (Hot Casa promo)
Setenta – Colorblind (Hot Casa promo)
Bilal – Right At The Core (BBE)
MC Melodee & Cookin Soul – Think Twice (Jakarta promo)
Dexter – You & I (MPM promo)
Lapalux – Dance feat Astrid Williamson (Brainfeeder)
Sepalcure – Make You (Hot Flush promo)
Mighty Zulu Nation – Abantu, LV Raw rmx (White)
Lady – Get Ready (Truth and Soul promo)
Jones Girls – You’re Gonna Make Me Love Somebody Else, M+M Mix (BBE)

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