#30thAnniversary – Son Of Bazerk Featuring No Self Control And The Band ‎”Bazerk Bazerk Bazerk”

This is a very solid and entertaining album that ended up being lost in Hip Hop history. It’s hard to understand why it didn’t make more noise despite being critically acclaimed. Maybe it was too different or ahead of it’s time. The band consisting of Son Of Bazerk, Almighty Jewel, Daddy Rawe and Half Pint had an unique formula combining many musical influences, an original party vibe and some serious lyrics in the midst of it all! Presenting themselves with a strong image reminiscing of the 60’s soul groups, it seemed at the time like they were bridging the gap from the old school to the new school. Hank Shocklee of The Bomb Squad produced the project, so sonically it would be easy to pull out a Public Enemy influence. A strong and diverse LP that needs to be rediscovered!

Full album on on YouTube:

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Playlist with the videos:

  • Change The Style
  • This Band Gets Swivey on The Wheels


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