#30thAnniversary – Michie Mee And L.A. Luv ‎”Jamaican Funk – Canadian Style”

Truly a Canadian underground classic, this LP was showcasing Michie Mee unique blend of emceeing and toasting. Her incomparable flow over funky Hip Hop and Dancehall Reggae beats were totally new and groundbreaking on the Toronto scene. Having released classic singles since 1987, she ended up being signed to First Priority Music which was distributed by Atlantic. She was one of the very few female MC’s in Canada at that time and she became a pioneer in her own rights with her hard style of rapping incorporating Jamaica patois.

Album cuts on YouTube:

  • Jamaican Funk Canadian Style
  • L.A. Luv De Bout
  • A Portion From Up North
  • Get It Together

Remix & B-Side:

  • All night stand (Konder’s Kickin’ Mix)
  • We Goin’ Nova


  • Jamaican Funk Canadian Style

Interview & Documentary:



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