Tolcha – Neustadt

After almost 4 years of silence Tolcha are back with Neustadt, another intense, suspenseful, cinematic full-length LP. Like the title of the record suggests, the Berlin based four piece decided to pursue a neo-retro vision of a sonic after-future with this one. What does that mean? The record clearly leans on a Motorik aesthetic, but all the while redefines it with modern production techniques and its very own breed of visceral Dub inspired sound design.

Neustadt was written and arranged to work like a movie score, which explains why it caught the ear of the Polacos film collective, who decided to create a movie to it. The result is a film noir short, which will only come to life during Tolcha live shows. The idea was to bring back the dynamic fusion of music and flickering images of the golden years of silent cinema. The Tolcha collective vouch that no two shows/screenings will ever be exactly alike. A glimpse into what it’s in store can be snatched from this short, moody trailer:

Release Date Vinyl: 15th December 2012
Release Date Digital: 15th January 2013
Label: Neopren Records
Distribution: Straight Distribution
Formats: Digital and limited Vinyl


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