Thunder Power – Volumes [LP]

For the past 12 years, Thunder Power has been creating folk rock indie tunes out of one of the member’s basements – Omaha style! They have released four EPs (two solo, two split), and they’re at long last ready to release their debut LP Volumes – it’s out now on Slumber Party Records.

Inspirations for the album were their coast to coast tours in the States, hanging in Omaha’s Benson neighbourhood, music from the 60s and 70s, Scottish tunes, psychedelic rock, local bands and pistachio ice cream!

“Volumes” features 11 tracks that capture the band’s musical approach of attempting to reach peak instrumental lushness, all balanced by the off-putting beauty (and sometimes frailness) of introverted songwriting. It’s whimsy and soothing – the type of album that you’d pop on a Sunday morning while reading the newspaper.

You can listen to and purchase the album Volumes here:


What kind of reaction do you think your fans will have on ‘Volumes’?

We hope that people simply enjoy the music.

Name some of your favorite spots to tour…

Lawrence, Kansas – there a lot of young supportive fans mainly from the University of Kansas where we’ve made lots of good friends over the last few years. Chicago and New York City – generally great cities to be in along with lots of supportive and energetic people.

How do you guys get along as a band?

We’ve known each other for over 12 years now so we’re all very good friends. We just go with the flow and stay open minded to what each band member wants to do.

Why monkeys for your video “Spiraling Sky”?

It was Ian’s idea. He thought it would be cute to shoot a video with monkeys in it. At first we thought it would be impossible to find monkeys but after a quick search on Kijiji, we found a lady renting her pet monkeys. So we drove down, picked up the monkeys and a few days later put together the “Spiraling Sky” video.

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