The Rub – Black & White (The Melker Project Remix)


The Rub’s first EP of original music was released earlier this month, and the duo approached a handful of their favorite producer friends to remix the four songs. They asked The Melker Project to re-rub “Black And White” (featuring singer Tatiana Owens and rapper Bigg Base), the most radio-friendly tune of the EP.

Having made a big splash with vinyl-only bootleg remixes themselves in the early-mid 2000s, The Rub guys encouraged Melker to use samples to come up with a throwback party jam. Melker paired up the original vocals with a loop of the Toto classic “Georgy Porgy,” along with a snappy drum kit for maximum bump. The sample was too expensive to clear, so The Melker Project and The Rub partnered up with to legally release the remix. The track can be downloaded for free here, as long as the consumer owns or buys the original sample (Georgy Porgy).

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