The Brooklyn Word

“The Brooklyn Word” is a series of urban tales told through Hip Hop, Soul, Funk, AfroBeat and House. Multimedia 5D concept produced and filmed by Gibril Kuyateh. Multimedia in that 5 experimental films will be released on that will draw you further into the world of The Brooklyn Word.

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5D (5 dimensional) in the way the sounds are mixed/layered and purposely distorted at times to dig into your senses. The 2 most popular tracks will get turned to vids. I’m still experimenting and perfecting it, but you should be able to turn the volume completely up and the sound will maintain its structural integrity.

Great attention was paid to every little detail and nuance of this project. Once things began, it just flowed and I began connecting to it in a different and organic way. Producing wasn’t enough, I had to explore a deeper artistic fantasy and allow it to take over. And it did…

Relax your mind in whatever manner you choose, turn up loudly, lay out and enjoy the soundcape… powered by Brooklyn Radio & Fusicology

GKXRS Intro ft. Maimouna Youssef
Interlude: : American Hero theme
Thee Amazng – Raize ya glasses
Gibril – Hands Of The Divine ft GRA$E
Interlude: : Professor X and Magneto…by any means necessary
Beam, Gra$e, Gibril – Young Magneto
Sanada Maitreya – As Yet Untitled Gibril Remix
Interlude: Vlad & Maino “Is There A New York Sound…”
Biggie ft. Gra$e – Who Shot Ya Gibril Remix
Interlude: The Warriors
The Chase beat
Kompleshun & Gra$e – 99 Problems But A Mitch Get None Off The Dome Freestyle
Gra$e – Rolling On Dubs
Interlude: Breakfast Club smoking scene
Gra$e – Sara Og
Snowy Day In Brooklyn In (Beat)
Interlude: Richard Pryor on love & women
Columbia Nights – Wait A While (Gibril’s Cool Out Remix)
Columbia Nights – Wait A While (Gibril’s Freetown Remix)
Interlude: Richard Pryor on women & love
LaTasha Lee – Can’t Keep From Falling In Love (Gibril Heartbeat Remix)
Casandra Wilson – You Move Me (Gibril’s Freetown Remix)
Gra$e – My Life
Gra$e, Justo Ontario – The Brooklyn Word
Interlude: I’m Gonna Get You Sucka… I’sha want one rib
Harold Alexander – Mama Soul “Gibril Gemini Edit”
Interlude: Spike Lee as Pratt on the gentrification in Brooklyn
The World Hurts beat
The Mandingo Is Coming beat
Interlude: Black Pepper
MC Tree – Untitled Spoken Word sound design concept

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