The Boomjacks – Inner Worlds


The Boomjacks is beatmaker duo from Kuopio, Finland. The duo consists of brothers known as Jyri & Villejam, both having a strong musical background. The brothers started making beats separately but eventually ended up working together in late December 2008. The production of The Boomjacks could be characterised as eclectic hip hop and boom bap. It’s basis is on heavy sampling and hard hitting drums.

“Inner Worlds was one of the last joints we put together for the release. We had a bare bones beat – or rather a four bar loop – laying around that was made from this somewhat obscure sample that acted as the basis for this track. It was retreated and topped off with some granular synthesis to reach an ethereal feel.” – said Jyri of The Boomjacks

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1. Good Vibes
2. The Search
3. Jazz Peace
4. Graveyard Shift
5. Drips
6. Hitch
7. The Golden Hour
8. The Weight
9. Spirits
10. The Numbers Game
11. Funky Boom
12. The Heist
13. ADAD
14. Inner Worlds
15. Endjam

The Boomjacks’ links:

Soundcloud: @the-boomjacks

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