What SOS Wants!

She Wants follows SOS‘ first single Youth In Decline, and will be found on their self-titled album that they’re self-releasing on September 16th. Inspired by a wide range of influences including The XX, Aaliyah, D’Angelo and Kanye West, SOS brings a breath of fresh air to experimental R&B, which they craft with nuances of industrial pop.

We’ve talked to them to find out more…

SOS stands for Shadows On Stars, right? What’s the story behind the name?

SOS reflects us narrowing in on our sound and identity. Shadows on Stars was our first project and although we’re very proud of it, we’ve grown into a creative space that is more focused and refined.

You recently released the track She Wants. FADER called it “a hat tip to Rihanna” but there are other influences in it as well. What artists or sounds inspire your music?

We both LOVE Mariah Carey. She is an absolute genius at constructing impactful vocals without belting (she can belt too, we know!). Lykke Li is a huge influence for us as well. The space she’s created in pop culture is refreshing and unique. And then there’s Kanye… Everything he puts out it so well crafted and evolved. We’re working our asses off to execute at that level.

What’s your favourite upcoming producer/artist you discovered in 2014 and why?

Hmmm… Majid Jordan is really great. We love the house elements mixed with R&B.

These days you can have a complete recording studio & DJ Setup on your iPad or phone. How do you incorporate this technology into your creative process?

We use it as much as we possibly can. The advancements in technology have created an environment where new sounds are being invented every single day, so instead of getting caught in the past we do our best to grow with it. Nothing is off limits. Nothing is impossible. It’s an amazing time to create music.

When is your album coming out and what can we expect from it?

Album comes out September 16th! You can expect an experience. When we sat down and started conceptualizing this record we were both adamant about crafting a front-to-back body of work. This record really showcases the level of thought and effort that we want SOS to be known for, so we’re excited to put this out there as our first statement.

Tell us where we can find you online and any recent projects/songs/collaborations you want to highlight.

Go to our website for EVERYTHING: www.xosos.com

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