Nick Hook – Without You


Nick Hook is well known in and around NYC as in-demand house DJ through his work with Cubic Zirconia and Drop the Lime. He’s also popped up in several Boiler Room sessions recently. His debut EP Without You explores a number of styles, textures, and compositions as well as featuring El-P, Computer Jay, The Gaslamp Killer, Color Film, and Machinedrum.

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1. Fish Food with Computer Jay & The Gaslamp Killer
2. 4XS with Andrea Balency
3. Call Me
4. Sirens with El-P & Rood
5. It’s A Sin with Color Film
6. 6735
7. Medium Rare with Machinedrum
8. On Y Va
9. 3591 Chloe’s Song

For more Nick Hook check out our previous post about his excellent Sirens video featuring El-P. Also very interesting for studio heads is this exclusive studio tour presented by Nick Hook himself.

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