New York Under Water

With constant references to everything underwater, it was suiting that there was a massive sea of people waiting for Keith Ape’s sold out Webster Hall performance. People from all backgrounds gathered last night, waiting to see the Seoul, South Korea native. Things quickly changed for Keith and his career when his track “IT G MA” went viral, as the music video is currently sitting on over 17 million views. He brought something new to the table, Korean and Japanese lyrics intertwined with the ever growing Atlanta trap sound. Sure, one could say it fit in to the market and he got lucky, but realistically, this was all new and Keith had a firm grasp on his vision.

It seemed that everyone had their phones out in hand, filming a part of musical history and preparing to brag to their friends about how they should’ve been there (yes, you should’ve been there). It wasn’t long before Ken Rebel took the stage and performed some tracks off of his record, Rebelution. His energy filled set seamlessly melded into “Underwater Rebels”. The room began to resonate with a chant led by Ken himself, “Cohort we go hard, Rebelife we go hard!” It was clear that the crowd, draped in BAPE, Supreme, and surgical masks were ready to welcome Keith to the city that never sleeps.

Keith took the stage and all sanity was lost. The sea of people which made up the crowd became drenched in a mixture of water, vodka, and rum. Performing his new track “Ksubi” alongside Ken Rebel, mind you this track had only been out for about 24 hours, and bringing out Mar90s to perform their collaborative track “Goyard”. Madness ensued and the stage was rushed, when it came time for Keith to perform “It G Ma” the stage was filed shoulder to shoulder as Keith reminded us to never forget this evening.

Check out Max Hoagland‘s photos from the night below:keithape02 keithape03 keithape04 keithape05 keithape06

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