NCYT @ A Downtown Affair


NYCT crew Monk-One & Oneman rolled to WYNU to play some music with Alex Bierdermann on A Dowtown Affair. Oneman opened with Wings before diving into a house oriented set and Monk-One followed with a lean toward disco before closing out with some of his own edits. (via Let’s get serious)

DOWNLOAD Oneman @ A Downtown Affair


Wings “Good Night Tonight” (Columbia)
FRAM “Unatural High” (Vertige)
Canyons “Fire Eyes” (DFA)
Konk “Your Life” (Sleeping Bag)
Scenic “Another Sky” (Future Classics)
Moodymann “Vol. 12″
The Automats “Guardian Angel (Diesler Remix)” (Plinsoll)
Drums of Death “Transistor Rhythm” (Civil Music)
FaltyDL “Korban Dallas” (Ninja Tune)
K. Hebden “Pinnacles”
Fourtet & Burial “Nova”
Louis Haiman “-”
Steve Reich “Music for 18 Musicians (Pulse Selection Dub mix)” (Nonesuch)
Round Robin “Our Love Is True” (Groove Merchant)
Family of Eve “I Want To Be Loved by You” (Kay Dee)

DOWNLOAD Monk-One @ A Downtown Affair


DopeGems “Journey To The Shore” (DopeGems)
James Mason “Night Gruv” (Mighty Fine)
Andrew Ashong “Flowers” (Signature Sound)
S.S.O. “Tonight’s The Night” (Shady Brook)
Love Unlimited “High Stepping Hip Dressing Fella” (Unlimited Gold)
Rainbow Team “Dreaming” (Full Time)
Boule Noire “Amer D’Amour” (Plastic Poison)
The Rolling Stones “Rain Fall Down (Ashley Beedle Mix)” (Virgin)
Billy Cole, Davis & Crooks “Bump All Night” (Recreational)
Barbara Fowler “Come And Get My Lovin’ (dub)” (Radar)
Ingram “DJ’s Delight” (Mirage)
Womack & Womack “Life Is A Ballgame” (4th & Broadway)
Sargent & Malone “Love Message” (Half Moon)
Cosmos Universal Band “Third Eye (Monk-One Edit)”
Hot Stuff “Hustle Bustle” (Sound House)
Rokk “Patience” (Lollie)


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