MadKem – Kola La Vie


South Jamaica, Queens emcee MadKem offers up his latest album Kola La Vie for free download. We recommend playing it with La Vie en Bleu. It’s a yin & yang thing.


Kola La Vie (produced by DroP Beats)
Pryor On Fire (a.k.a Freebase) [feat. Justin Bates] (produced by DroP Beats)
We Here (feat. East) (produced by Analogic)
Hard Work (feat. Jered Sanders) (produced by DroP Beats)
Lemonade Was a Popular Drink (produced by Darren Paul)
Brotha Brotha (produced by Mason Stewart)
Kemistry (produced by DroP Beats)
Absinthe (feat. Jered Sanders) (produced by DroP Beats)
Adu’s Jawn (feat. Jered Sanders & Justin Bates) (produced by Analogic)
Wreck’s Jawn (produced by Madwreck)

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