Lea Muses – Warrior EP

We’ve received a fresh copy of Lea Muses’ WARRIOR EP – which dropped today. Lea lived in Brooklyn, but moved back to her home country Holland 2 years ago to be closer to the UK drum’n’bass & trip hop scene. Check out our interview with her below, and if you dig the uptempo remix by Kahari as much as we do, then click here to download – because it’s a Brooklyn Radio exclusive!

You’ve lived in Brooklyn – did you grow up here? How come you’re based in the Netherlands?

I was born in the Netherlands and grew up in Boston then moved to NY in 1998. I moved to Europe two years ago to explore the source of the music I have been making. Drum & Bass music and Trip hop is heavily popular in the UK and I gravitate more towards the writing style of the scene happening here. What do I miss about NYC? I miss tacos and brunch dates that turn into late nights on any random day of the week. Thats the beauty of New York. Its so alive, but the quality of life is much better in Europe.

Let’s get into the music – tell us about the Warrior EP. Is it out yet and how was the whole experience in putting the EP together?

The // W A R R I O R // EP drops tomorrow (Friday the 21st) and was a project that was created in NYC and finished in Switzerland. The main single itself was written two years ago in Brooklyn and never made it to my album. It was one of those catchy ideas that was stuck in my head & I can never stop humming. The original was called Unstoppable and was first recorded at Converse Rubber Trax Studio in BK to a classic dance hall beat. It wasn’t until now that it really came to life with the sound that Bobphonic brought. We met him in Brooklyn while he was recording with some local artists and invited him to Dungeon Beach Studio to record an idea we were playing with. That idea developed into an EP and gave me the opportunity to travel to Switzerland to finish the record. There was a natural and cohesive theme of conflict/ fight or flight in my lyrics that are a reflection of my life.

You’ve been featured on GQ and Afropunk, was that because the EP or some of your earlier work?

The last few projects got some great press. As a new artist there have been some has been lovely. GQ featured some of my band’s music as background for interviews with Kate Upton and other Celebrities. Then Afro Punk got wind of our project when I shot a music video for my song “Mistress” with Barron Claiborne and (he is heavily supported by Afro Punk.) Many would agree that his work is a noteworthy part of Hip hop history after shooting the most replicated images in music. The infamous portrait of Biggie Smalls with the crown on his head. I met Barron when I first arrived in NYC my model agent sent me to his studio to shoot some polaroids. Later we reconnected at a loft party & he liked the song. So it was nice to have him shooting the video.

Who comes to mind when I say the word “successful” and why?

Success to me is measured when a person can live to their full potential without having stepped on anyone to get there. Personally I would measure it on having enough abundance and influence to be able to contribute to the world & begin a lasting and honorable legacy.

Do you have siblings and are they proud or jealous of you?

I am an only child so I definitely used my imagination a lot growing up. I guess it has given me the freedom to explore. My mother was a single mom and put me in a lot of activities while she was working. Dance was my first love. Most of my dance friends also had problems at home. We all enjoyed the escapism in music, dancing until the lights at the studio went out every night after school.

One thing that’s unique about you that didn’t make it into your official bio…

I may seem tough on the outside but I love romance. I have managed to save some of my innocence throughout a lot of struggle, and like many girls I still dream of happily ever after.

One thing in life that you haven’t done yet, but want to try…

Hmm I have a long bucket list of random things. I would love to be on a game show, own a vineyard, and be the voice of a cartoon.

One thing you hate about a night out in your hometown…

In any of the cities I’ve lived in, I would say that tourists are the most annoying thing about going out. They are always so goofy and sloppy drunk.

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