Kamikaze – Beta

If you hear Kamikaze you’d probably think of Japanese suicide pilots, right? But look a bit deeper and the word represents dedication to your cause without compromises. The willingness to risk everything and the element of surprise. All this you can have from today in form of an EP by the group Kamikaze.

A tune can sounds electronic, another tune like metal, another piece totally noise, or a pop ballade, I think we are not afraid of genre and we mix and do what we feel. We allow us the possibility to try many kinds of music but have a common language.

Unlike most EP releases that stick to a given genre, Kamikaze‘s 4 track EP takes some unexpected turns for the uninitiated listener. On the A side we hear a sort of James Blake type sound, which is the direction the band is heading into in future releases. The B side on the other hand is a representation of how their live shows sound at the moment:

We want to make people dance and dream but also think. It’s an electronic music concert with the energy of live played instruments and the in-your-face rock attitude. And some ballads too.

Either way, we dig it and think you’ll like a group that takes refreshing risks without coming across like a flip flopper.

The above video already premiered a few days ago on The Independent. Below you can download one song from the EP for free and from today, Beta is also available on Bandcamp & iTunes

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