Juice Crew – Cold Chillin’ Christmas

It may sound cute or it may sound crazy
But this one’s for you, Santa Baby

We’re staying old school today, as we bring you our daily christmas jam. Join us today as we are rapping along to the Juice Crew’s “Cold Chillin’ Christmas”

Sing along?

[Fly Ty talking:] Alright
Juice Crew
Christmas time
We gon’ do a real Christmas song
[Marley Marl in the background]

Go for it, Kane

[Verse 1: Big Daddy Kane] Jingle bell, jingle bell rock with hip-hop
Hmmmm… look what we got
Here, yeah, I definitely can relate
One heck of a Christmas present for ’88
As I flow, and let it go
So fresh, like Santa, you’ll have to say “Ho, ho, ho”
So girls and boys, let’s make some noise
Give thanks for joys and all goodies and toys
For Christmas, yes oh gee, this must
Be the greatest holiday treat, so people just bust
How I celebrate as we elevate
Big Daddy Kane is on the mic and I’mma tell a great
Christmas line for your delight
That’s Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night

[Fly Ty talking:] Nah, nah, nah
Shanté, where you at
Yo Shanny
(Here, here, here)
Get on the mic, baby
(Do I have to?)
Come on Shanny, you got to
Got to
You gotta, Shanny
Come on
(Alright, alright)
Let’s go
Kick it

[Verse 2: Roxanne Shanté] Now I’ve been a good girl all year round
And this is what I want from the people are down
Now I am mainly speakin’ ’bout my family and friends
I want a BMW, a Jaguar, or a Benz (A what?)
It really doesn’t matter the expense of the gift
Cause bein’ around I’m such a spiritual uplift
To think about all year when we’re illin’
To get together and just be Cold Chillin’ (Yeah, I like that)
Cause in the past year I made a record with Rick (Haa…)
But now I’m gonna end this like Eartha Kitt
It may sound cute or it may sound crazy
But this one’s for you, Santa Baby

[Fly Ty talking:] Ooooh…
[Shanté in the background] I don’t know, hahahaha
Hold up, what that…
Ah, Shan

[Verse 3: MC Shan] You hear a lotta jingle bells at Christmas time
But I done decked the halls with a Christmas rhyme
Santa used to drive a sleigh any Christmas past
He was chillin’ when I seen him last
A Lamborghini with a spoiler kit
Driver looked like Santa and I said: “Oh, it’s…”
I blamed it on my mind in an altered state
But chillin’ up north on a reindeer plate
Instead of Louis Vuitton or a Gucci vixen
His ride had pictures of Donner and Blitzen
To top it off he had a phone and tints
Instead of threads homes’ tires left hook prints
He came to halt, but he did not screech
And in the back of my mind somethin’ said, “Don’t reach”
He said, “Ho, ho, ho… yo Shan,” loud and clear
“I ain’t heard a rap from you in a year
Merry Christmas, here’s some beats, there’s brew and a broth
And if you don’t rock these, that means you’re soft”
He said, “Shan my man, I got a busy night
And you’ll be straight next year if you rock this right”
To my surprise when I awoke on Christmas dawn
I couldn’t find my tapes and my lyrics were gone
But underneath the tree in a red and blue pack
Was a Cold Chillin’/Warner Bros. contract
So I’m here tonight to share my cheers
So Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

(Pump it up, pump it up)
[Fly Ty talking:] Kane be doin’ it again
Wanna do it again, Kane?
One more time, go ‘head

[Verse 4: Big Daddy Kane] Now once again let your hands applause
With this contribution to Santa Clause
To Frosty, to Rudolph, etcetera, etcetera
Just remember these rhymes we send to ya
‘Tis the season to come to reason
With the good spirit we find to be pleasin
Easin’, every single form of tension
Also, I’d like to mention
Merry Christmas to Biz Markie (from the Juice Crew, y’all)
Kool G Rap, Polo and Craig G
Marley Marl, Glamorous, the list goes on
To Powerful Percy and TJ Swan
As me, Shan and Shanté get the job done
Season’s Greetings to everyone

[Shanté in the background] [Fly Ty talking:] Hold it Kane, hold it
It’s not over
Wait a minute

[Verse 5: Fly Ty] Now I’m Fly Ty with the Christmas tree
The one who makes the Juice Crew complete
A true professional, I’m not an amateur
So Season’s Greetings from a jolly good manager
F-l-y T-y
You can’t deny the fliest of the Fly Ty
Cold Chillin’ with Shanté, Shan and Kane here
Not in a rush, I leave it to the reindeer
Yeah, it’s strange to see me rappin’
But for Christmas, who knows what can happen?
So for everybody out there that caught this buzz
Have yourself a merry little Christmas

[Fly Ty talking:] I told you I could do it!
I told you I could do it!
I told you
I told you I could do it!
Yeah, my name ain’t Russell, Andre, I’m for real
For real
We outta here
We outta here
Merry Christmas from the Juice Crew
Cold Chillin’ on Warner Bros

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