Juakali Interview

After he premiered the mixtape for his newest release Feathers Too Bright on Brooklyn Radio, we sat down with Jua and asked him a few questions…

Give us a quick intro of who you are, what you are about and who you run with.

I’m Juakali, celebrated dubstep mc, host and electronic music recording artist. I’m all about pushing this music and these vibes forward. Down with a lot of pioneering folk: submission, mindstep music, smog, top billin, tectonic…

You’re new album “Feathers Too Bright” came out this week. Can you tell us three things why people need to listen to it?

It’s an electronic vocal album which is unique in dubstep. It flows like water. The lyrics are dope!

Favorite new artist you discovered in 2013 and why?

A good friend of mine’s son is making music and I’ve been checking his scene. Check for Orin Campbell

If we listen to artists work, we have expectations that they listen to similar musical genres, but can you give us a guilty pleasure of yours? A style of music or a specific artist, that is not related at all to the music you put out?

I’m a fan of R&B and singer songwriters. Artists like Feist and Robin Thicke are often playing in my Apt.

When Steve Jobs died, many people said his greatest invention was Apple itself. If you were to leave tomorrow, what would you hope would continue of you? Or put another way, what impact do you hope you’re having, culturally-speaking?

Just before I made the decision to release this album, I did think about what I have accomplished over the last few years and it’s quite a bit. I inspired Pinch to record and release vocals on his debut album. I penned the track ‘Reasons’ which had pivotal success for dubstep as a genre in the US.

Last but not least, since this is Brooklyn Radio and you are Brooklyn-based, what do you associate with Brooklyn? The things you love or hate about it.

Brooklyn is the mecca. It has an all compassing energy that reverberate throughout the boroughs. Some try to keep it insular though, and that breeds contempt for those who are part of that reverberation. People all over the globe want a piece of Brooklyn, so why not facilitate that.

Thanks Jua and all the best with your new album!

Here’s the mixtape again if you missed it last week and cop the album here

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