Illa J Releases a Striking Video for the Sultry Single “Universe”

As soon as I heard “Universe” last month, I knew it was a smash single and that there needed to be a visual treatment to match Illa’s soaring vocals and the song’s perfectly relaxed vibe.

The video, released last week, is equally pleasing as the song is. Directed by Sixteen Pads, the video finds Illa J chasing an attractive young lady all over the streets of Montreal, where it was shot. What’s funny and also very charming is that the video girl happens to be Illa J’s girlfriend Marialys Diaz (Maya Dee), who doubles as Illa’s manager in real life! Adorable? Yes. Creative? Indeed.

Each shot finds Illa seemingly try to spit game to Marialys while they walk through Montreal and also finds the two canoodling to the sounds of Illa J’s crooning and Potatohead People’s velvety beat. Other scenes show the two at a Laundromat messing around and also taking photos outdoors as well as shots of Illa J dressed in a dapper suit and aviator shades singing away. The song and video are a perfect match and they definitely project an upbeat mood and sound. It also looks like they had a ton of fun during this shoot and it shows!

Illa J’s upcoming, self-titled album is due out on Bastard Jazz on October 2nd. Get ready!

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