Mixtape Riot

Mixtape Riot started as a downtown NYC party hosted by The Beatards where artists like Santigold, Spankrock and Bahamadia performed (among many others), it then became a popular music blog (still is, and we still throw parties too), and now it’s matured into a rebellious adolescent radio show (woo-hoo). When MTR grows up, it wants to be a record label, but who knows if those will even be around much longer.

Under the direction of renaissance man Charlie B. Wilder aka Captain Planet (music producer, DJ, recording artist) Mixtape Riot has always represented a genre-crossing mix of styles from around the world. In the vast landscape of music, we’re all about connecting the dots and bridging the gaps. Regardless of who made it, where it’s from, what year it was recorded- if we’re feeling it, it goes into the mix. Sounds that know no bounds… press play and take a trip.

To get in touch email: info@mixtaperiot.com