Amp Fiddler “Send A Message (Yam Who Edit)”

This guy needs no introduction or at least he should not! If your are not aware of his wonderful music, go listen to the first official album he dropped in 2004 “Waltz of a ghetto fly” and you’re gonna be hooked and left wanting more. This is simply one of my favorite R&B/Neo Soul record ever!
To give you a brief summary of his career, he was in the Parliament/Funkadelic crew for more than 10 years and has collaborated with the cream of the crop of the music world like Prince, Jamiroquai, J Dilla, Brand New Heavies and Moodyman just to name a few. Pretty hard to beat that résumé if you ask me!
The singer/songwriter/keyboardist is back with a new project, the third volume in his “Bassmentality” series. This track is my favorite and has been on repeat in my ears for the last days, and I’m sure his fans will do the same. Enjoy!

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