#30thAnniversary – Main Source “Breaking Atoms”

When it’s time to put together a “best hip hop album of all-time” list, people often forget to mention this LP from Main Source. “Breaking Atoms” is a certified classic, with unforgettable joints like “Looking At The Front Door”, the crazy wordplay of “Just a Friendly Game Of Baseball” or the introduction of none other than Nasty Nas on “Live At The Barbeque”, opening the track with the best first verse in hip hop history. Even if K-Cut and Sir Scratch did their part with a little bit of production, it was a real breakthrough for the main act of the crew, Large Professor. With a couple of songs produced for legends like Rakim & Kool G Rap prior to this project, his beatmaking abilities were already known, with soul & jazz flips better than most producers of that era. But his skills behind the mic can’t be overlooked, with clever lyrics and a commanding flow displayed throughout the record. A double threat like we rarely see!

Since the group only released music together from 1989 to 1992 with the original lineup, in this post we included tracks from their first 12 inch “Think/Atom” and the mega classic “Fakin’ The Funk”, originally released as the single of the 2nd soundtrack of the blockbuster movie “White Men Can’t Jump”, cleverly titled “White Men Can’t Rap”.

Full album on YouTube:

Stream on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer & Tidal.

Playlist with the videos:

  • Just Hangin’ Out
  • Looking At The Front Door
  • Peace Is Not The Word To Play
  • Watch Roger Do His Thing
  • Fakin’ The Funk

Remixes & Tracks on 12″:

  • Think
  • Atom
  • Peace Is Not A Word To Play (remix)
  • Just Hangin’ Out (Your Hood – Remix)
  • Fakin’ The Funk

Interview & Live Performances:

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