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Symphony Sessions

Back to (Beat)sics

Mosart212’s new Symphony Session includes tracks by Daedelus, Wiz Khalifa, DJ Shadow, Boombaptist, Nosaj Thing and more

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Atlas – lightbugs
Antic – square one
Musa – going home
Daedelus – adjustments made
Old dirty socks – Fownd u in Th. Drk
Jazz jousters – fresh
Wax tailor – this train
Wiz khalifa – black and yellow
A poco lips – earth observation
Gummy soul – doin time
Sabzi – whats up pham
DJ shadow – affectations
Boombaptist – ron burgendy jazz flute
Dr. Strangeloop – strangeutopia
Perennial – columbine
Lupid Ocampo – interstellar cloud
Michael Minert -even if it isnt right (mosart212 edit)
Nosaj Thing – Snap

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