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NastyNasty – Fragile


Last week NastyNasty finally released Fragile – a tune that had been first featured on their Lazerbrain mix. Hearing the track was reason enough to go back to the year old mix and it’s bumping in our office at the moment! Hope you enjoy as much as we do!


01 NastyNasty – Waves (Bandcamp)
02 Quitter – Yadadada (unreleased)
03 NastyNasty – Prognosis (Robox Neo-Tech)
04 NastyNasty – Legionnaire (Rwina)
05 NastyNasty – Cylonn (unreleased)
06 NastyNasty – Marionette_edit (unreleased)
07 NastyNasty – Eleven (unreleased)
08 Quitter – Dirty Beard (Bandcamp)
09 Canblaster – Clockworks (NastyNasty contortion)
10 NastyNasty – ??? (unreleased)
11 NastyNasty – Cadburry (unreleased)
12 I’D n TELL n YOU x BUT s I’D a HAVE l TO v KILL a YOU
13 NastyNasty – Blind Samurai (unreleased)
14 NastyNasty – Warrior Path (unreleased)
15 NastyNasty – Aizen_edit (unreleased)
16 NastyNasty – Greedy (unreleased)
17 Quitter – Gravity (unreleased)

(via OkayFuture)

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