Late Future Calls Remixed

We’ve been watching these cats for a minute. Before our very own eyes they slowly, but surely evolved from a loose association of DJs and producers into a proper collective to be reckoned with – now internationally known as the 264 Cru. Their parties not only put Dubai on the map as a party destination but, more importantly made it a focal point for the Middle East / Pan–Asian club scene. Along the way they also launched their very own record label (264 Records) and, just recently, a new podcast series. God only knows what they’ll be up to next. We’re definitely going to be watching / listening.

Today, we are celebrating the third official release on their label, Aeli’s “Late Future Calls Remixed”. It’s a heavy package covering a sprawling swath of bass inflected sound. Deft kicks off the package with a tricky, textured and foreboding version of “Palimpsest”. Daedelus follows with his unique footwork inspired take on “Guasba Lik.” Kobra, re-envisions “Palimpsest” as a menacing, experimental grime infused instrumental. BTW – it would be great to hear some heavy emcees on this one! Know V.A. take “Lot Fi” and turn into a carefully sculpted, vicious, low-end driven monster. The EP closes with a very meditative, dusty, warm remix of “Guasba Lik” courtesy of Nasrawi.

“Late Future Calls Remixed” will drop this coming Thursday via 264 Records. Shout outs to Aeli for a great album and to all the remixers and 264 curators for taking it and making something entirely new and very special out of it.

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