Krissy Krissy (Interview)


The 23-year-old singer, songwriter, and musician Krissy Krissy, is a spark of light for the Pop/Rock genre. Born in California, raised in Brooklyn, her bohemian east village style is subtle, fly, and relatable.

Krissy Krissy’s debut single “Dream” hit iTunes in March and has been making waves ever since. We caught with Krissy and asked her what’s going on in her life right now. But first check out the new video for her song “Dream” (available on iTunes):

1. What’s a typical day in your life like right now?

A typical day in my life consist of waking up, showering, going for a run and picking up where I left off the night before. I travel to my studio from Brooklyn to Queens and put in work. From finishing a song, or project, or interview to meeting with my team and brainstorming. I speak with Dennis (my manager) everyday about my schedules, emails, photo shoots , videos and everything else. Him and I are pretty much inseparable. He keeps me grounded and focused. We fight, and rock out all in the same night. But the goals that we plan on meeting for the day need to be met or our day isn’t over!

2. What was your best gig (as performer or spectator)?

My best gig was when I performed at SOB. Not cause it sounded good! Hear me out, The venue changed it up on me. I was suppose to open up and I ended up closing the night. I didn’t get a correct sound check but I went up there and gave it all I had and tried MY best to do THE best with what I was
dealt. And the fans loved it. It was my first time signing autographs and taking pictures with fans. It was the first time (although it wasn’t great) I performed and understood the work that is needed to BE the best! It was a pretty big stage to do my first show on I must say!

3. Who would you most like to collaborate with?

I would love to collaborate with one of my favorite singers. Melissa Etheridge. She’s dope! She knows how to sing the hell out of a record.

4. Producing & DJing technology changes on a weekly basis these days.

These days you can have a complete recording studio & DJ Setup on your iPad or phone. How important is technology to your creative process? Ha. I just got an iPhone. Lol. I’m still learning and understanding how essential it is to be updated all day with new sounds and ways of doing things. It all goes back to how fundamental reading and learning is. It allows me to read about how technology is evolving. I’m still one who writes things down on paper. I’m old school. I write a little harder to emphasize a phrase. Feel me? That’s what makes it work for me. I create with a concept. Then write down what’s going on in my head. Then I record with my engineer and tell him all my ideas. Make sense?

5. Your favourite new producer/artist in 2012 and why?

My favorite new producer/artist may seem a little cliche but I’ve been a fan of hers when she was an underground artist. ADELE is the epitome of an artist who gives everything she has. She let us in on her life through song and you can feel it.

6. Can you give us your three guiltiest pleasures.

– I love recess peanut butter cup. Tiny ones so I don’t feel as bad eating the whole bag
– I love getting TATTOOS. In areas that hurt the most. Makes me seem tough. Lol
– I love to prank people. Gosh that’s so much fun

7. What’s the strangest thing a fan has ever said to you?

One fan told me that her and her boyfriend wanted to get to know me better, (if you know what I mean)

8. One thing that you hate about a night out in your hometown?

Gunshots never get old. It’s always scary because my family lives on this block. Although I’ve lived here all my life, I never think for one moment that one of mine may be the one hurt.

9. What do you associate with Brooklyn?

I associate home with Brooklyn My heart will always lay on Knickerbocker Ave. I was raised here. This is all I know!

10. Any new projects or releases on the horizon?

Im dropping my first EP on SEPTEMBER 25th 2012 called “Above All”. I will begin my fall tour and keep it movin from there

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