Dubs up

If you take Alpine Dub to South Africa, say to Johannesburg, and then season it with local sounds, flavours, vocals and thang – should it still be called Alpine Dub? Hmmm. The heavy-caliber questions we ask ourselves here at the office. It’s only Tuesday and our brains are complete fried. But hey! What better soundtrack to balm damaged brain cells than the latest EP from Dubokaj. Yes! We already got it!

This 7 track package is simply called Dubokaj meets Fortune Shumba. Who is Fortune Shumba, you might ask? Well, children, he’s a very, very talented lyricist and vocal acrobat operating out of Johannesburg. From what we gleamed here, the man loves to paint pictures in syrupy, neon colours and chat the ladies up while he’s at. He’s a lover man. Already on the first track and he’s all about making babies. Oh these sweet summer vibes.

Dubokaj met Fortune during his 4 month stay in Joburg. The two clicked from day one and knocked out all of these tunes, plus some. Apparently, even more tracks will drop later on in the year. While we wait, we’re gonna rinse these like there aint no tomorrow. Dubokaj meets Fortune Shumba is that perfect, cookout soundtrack. (Mouthwatering Records is in the house again, get it?! )This is that cruising in your droptop with system system in the red and that rattling in your trunk type ish. This is music to put a smile on your face and make you call up shorty instantly. Lets go!

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