Bummer Baskets


Bummer Baskets is a Brooklyn-based web-shop that sells care packages for unfortunate life events. The packages combine fun products like “eat out of the take-out container” chopsticks with delicious baked-goods like our Bummer Brownies and a personalized greeting card.

The idea was born out of trauma as founder, Scott Laborsky, hid under his kitchen table fearing bed bugs had invaded his apartment for a second time. It was one of those nights where New York City was suddenly overwhelming: absurdly expensive rent, unreliable transportation, and microscopic bugs capable of severe psychological and financial damage – a city too often full of bummers. His only comfort was that the city is home to all his friends, there to talk him down from panic.

Check out the cool Bad Day Basket, Break-Up Basket or Unemployment Basket at http://www.bummerbaskets.com

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