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Brooklyn Props

Brooklyn Props – The Latino Hip-Hop Episode


This week’s episode welcomes the Buendia Brooklyn/INK crew to discuss Latinos and Hip-Hop. Comprised of several New York-based Latin and Latin-American artists, as well as Rack and T-Killa (founder of INK) fresh out of Mexico, the Buendia/INK crew provides key insight into Spanish-language hip-hop. We get into the stereotypes, how the music translates across the numerous countries in Central and South America, and performing in front of non-Spanish-speaking audiences. Then we do the first-ever cypher on the show and close with a special showcase from the Buendia/INK crew! All that, plus the five hip-hop albums you should consider this fall. Thanks to T-Killa, Rack, Versos, Mauro, Mr. Phillips, Timothy Ruiz, Kortezau, Reko, Kombate, Rapy and Danny for making this a special episode. Thanks to Raul for the translation help and Reko and Kombate (Enemies from the Underground) for providing the beats.

DOWNLOAD Brooklyn Props – The Latino Hip-Hop Episode

Link to Buendia Production

T-Killa feat. Versos “ChamBaq” (Video)

Mauro Espinal “Sabes De Que Hablo” (Video)

Rhapy Live Performance (Video)


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