Serious Rap Shit

Episode 75: Chalk Up The Trauma

This week we talk new music and celebrate the decline of Western civilization.

Episode 74: The Ballad of the Notorious D.A.N.N.Y. U.P.

SRS starts a petition to replace a mural of racist former Philly mayor Frank Rizzo. We also talk NBA, Wu-Tang…

Episode 73: Gritty Runs the City

This week we talk Cosby, rape culture and celebrate Gritty, the Philadelphia Flyers new mascot, who used to pitch perc…

Episode 72: Peace is the Wave

This week we talk about peace, violence and wave riding. We also talk new music from Roc Marciano and more.

Episode 70: Feeling Feelings

This week, your brave hosts battle several technical issues to bring you our most grimy and heartfelt episode yet.

Episode 69: I’ma Edit That Out

This week’s episode is all about growth. We tell nightschool stories and John edits out a bunch of foul/problematic stuff.…

Episode 68: Live From the Layup Line aka the Chaos Episode

This week’s episode is interesting. A purely freestyle conversation. Lots of weird observations and stories, no prepared topics. We apologize…

Episode 67: Respect is the Order of the Day

This week we talk art and gentrification, friendship and we also find time to debate about Nas…..again.

Episode 66: D.D.T. Em’…….just like Jake The Snake.

This week we talk classic wrestling, assorted Summer high jinks. Luke Cage Season 2, Bushmaster and the history of African…

Episode 65: Behold A Pale Porsche aka The Conspiracy Episode Pt. 2

After watching 5 hours straight of Alex Jones/Info Wars propaganda, Josh comes in locked and loaded with some of the…